Pro Tips

We are in a referral based industry. We want to make sure you have a GREAT experience and want to do it again.  From driving so many tours we have acquired a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our groups to make sure you have the best possible time. We realize that as the […]

Bachelorette Party Pedal Tours

Bachelorette parties and birthdays account for the majority of pedal tours. We have gotten very good at showing them all an amazing experience while making the organizers job as easy and stress free as we can. Just follow our tips and your group will have just as much fun, if not more!  Groups have always […]

Decorating The Bike

Pedal Trolley Syracuse NY

Whether your tour is a birthday bachelorette or corporate outing, decorating the bike will make your pedal tour more fun. Not only does it make your photos better but when the cars and people in the streets see you are celebrating an occasion they react by saying happy birthday or things like that. The new […]

Corporate Team Building Tours

What is the best type of tour?  When the boss pays for it! There is no better team building or corporate outing in the Syracuse area then going out on a pedal tour with your co workers. We have all different types of options depending on your offices alcohol policy. For offices that are fine […]

What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

Ladies in the summer you do not want to wear a skirt or sundress, remember you are sitting on a bike seat and it will be very uncomfortable. Bring a wristlet or fanny pack instead of a large purse because you only need your ID and cash during the tour. Many women have told us […]

Reading Our Blog Entries = Successful Stress Free Pedal Tours

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog entries, we put the time into writing these blogs because we want to make sure your group has as much fun as possible. My name is Philip and I am the owner. After doing this for 7 years I know what works and what does […]

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