What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

Ladies in the summer you do not want to wear a skirt or sundress, remember you are sitting on a bike seat and it will be very uncomfortable. Bring a wristlet or fanny pack instead of a large purse because you only need your ID and cash during the tour. Many women have told us to add to wear a sports bra to this section so we have. Please wear sneakers, it does not matter if your sandals have backs to them because when the bike is moving your pedals are moving and when your feet inevitably slip off we do not want the pedal to hit your foot when you try to catch the pedals again.
Men- In the summer wear tank tops/sleeveless shirts on hot days. Wear pants/shorts that have pockets that button or zip to safely secure your valueables.
Footwear- make sure you wear sneakers and not flip flops or sandals. It does not matter if they have backs to them because when the bike is moving the pedals are moving so when your feet inevitably slip off the pedals and you have to catch the pedals we do not want for them to come around and hit anyone on their toes. We also do not want sandals falling off while we are moving because jumping off to get them is very dangerous.
Now that we go year round I wanted to give some suggestions about how to dress properly for all the seasons.For winter tours wear gloves because once your hands get cold your body will get cold and something to cover your ears because that is where your heat escapes. Between the pedaling and drinking you will be more than warm enough. In fact after a few bars most people leave their jackets draped on their seats while they go into the bar.

The bike has plenty of storage space for hoodies, jackets, purses, food, etc so that is why it is important that ladies bring wristlets so that we have room for all of those other things vs large purses taking up a lot of space

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