Bachelorette Party Pedal Tours

Bachelorette parties and birthdays account for the majority of pedal tours. We have gotten very good at showing them all an amazing experience while making the organizers job as easy and stress free as we can. Just follow our tips and your group will have just as much fun, if not more! 

Groups have always made signs and brought decorations but this past year we had some new awesome ideas we wanted to share with you. The first is putting the brides Venmo or Cash App on the sign so all her friends who could not come can send her money to buy a drink. It is Lucrative but the thing is you need to post it on social media because those are the people most likely to send money. 

Besides decorating the bike we encourage you to decorate yourselves whether you do a themes such as colorful wigs,  grannies gone wild or 80s workout gear themes.  The other thing is matching shirts, drink sleeves and sunglasses that they customize with photos and sayings. There is a ton of websites that do this but make sure you do them ahead of time.

Dont pregame too hard, while this is a safe activity if someone is sloppy then we need to have them sit on the back bench and have a “guardian angle” which could mean your group does not have pedal seats full and it makes it harder to pedal. You are welcome to bring food and snacks to get some food in your stomach for a big day of drinking. 

Having your driver also be your photographer is something that groups love as well. We do so many tours that we know all the good places and poses to take great photos. We take them on your phone so please airdrop them to everyone so we do not have to take photos on multiple phones.  We also want to take a second to note we cannot have giant penises on the bike (straws are common and fine) and if you are playing some type of bachelorette game you need to run by your driver in the pre tour phone call what types of challenges are on it. No kissing cops or random people, dancing on bars or anything else that is going to get bars/people calling us up to complain about what you are doing.

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