Reading Our Blog Entries = Successful Stress Free Pedal Tours

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog entries, we put the time into writing these blogs because we want to make sure your group has as much fun as possible. My name is Philip and I am the owner. After doing this for 7 years I know what works and what does not.

It all starts with the organizers communication with the group because we convey everything to them in the confirmation email and pre tour phone call. Please forward the confirmation email or take a screenshot and put it into the group chat for all to see because it says where to park, at what time, what type of alcohol is allowed and what to expect.  The week leading up to your tour we call the organizer to walk you through the day of your tour from where to park, what to pack, what route you want to do, decorating, what to wear and much much more. After this phone call you will know everything you need to, the only way to mess it up is not listening to our instructions. If you have a question just text or call your driver and they will answer it.

Pro Tips:

Get everyone there on time. You already know who will be late so tell those people to show up even earlier because if they are late they are wasting the time you paid for!

Print out the waiver and as your group arrives have them sign it. It has to be completed correctly so if someone does not fill out a box, scratches a line where it asks for signature. Please have them do it correctly since your driver will look it over and make sure it was done correctly
Bring a wristlet versus a large purse. You only need your license, credit cards and cash during the tour.
Bring warm clothes to put on later in case you get cold, we have room for storage
Make sure you bring some type of food, snacks, appetizers or candy to munch on during the We provide a speaker and it has bluetooth capabilities so no need to bring a speaker or aux cord
We will take all the photos on the organizers phone, we like to begin taking the photos after everyone has had a few drinks in them. We will take a ton of photos so be sure to send them out to everyone.
While we encourage everyone to make a sign on a piece of poster board for the back of the bike, we encourage groups to decorate themselves. Matching shirts, sunglasses, drink sleeves are very easy to customize and order online.  E. Decorating Ideas 
Collect the tip when you charge everyone for the tour, alcohol, snacks, decorations, etc. 

Dont Be That Person

who tries to pee in public after we tell everyone to pay at the last bar. You the organizer will be fined because of them
who brings glass, everything comes in cans now
who holds up the group from starting on time by lying saying they are 2 minutes away (when they arent)
says something smart to people we pass walking, biking or driving by. people are crazy
steal glasses from the bar. we will make you return them
who brags about not pedaling the whole tour (without a medical condition)
who asks “we have to pedal this? it doesnt shock when someone asks but that people laugh thinking its funny ?
does not listen to us about stuff falling out of your pants pockets and has something fall out
interrupts the driver during the pre tour speech, they are cutting into your groups time out on the bike so help the driver keep them in line
who calls someone riding past us on the bike a show off
on the way back at the end cracks a beer when you can see we are almost back. when we get back it is chug or dump time. better to just have the drink later

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