I Booked A Tour Now What

First and foremost make sure you booked, you will know you booked your tour because you will get a confirmation email. The confirmation email is  very important because it tells you everything important that your group needs to know so please  share it with everyone coming back screenshotting it and putting it into a group chat or forwarding it.  They can also check back against it instead of asking you. Your driver will call you a few days before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and find out what bars your group will be visiting. Here is the list to pick between https://www.syracusepedaltours.com/2017/06/07/routes/

ABC- Always Be Collecting with venmo and cash app it has never been easier to collect everyones money. We encourage organizers to take care of the alcohol, decorations, food, tip and then let everyone know how much to pay you back this way you can make sure everything gets done how you want. 

Plan the decorating and theme. People have always made decorations and there is a special page in the blog section about them but new this year is people adding their Venmo/Cash App to the sign on the back and people sending them money. Getting free money is fun so make sure you find the artistic friend and have them make a fun sign. Colored Wigs, 80s Workout Gear and Grannies gone wild themes became very popular in the last year. Plan ahead whether you make special shirts, wear sports team jerseys or come up with a new theme idea.

Prepare for when the driver reaches out to walk you through the day of your tour and finds out where you want to visit during the tour.  Your driver is reachable via text so we can work with you to set up a 10 minute conversation to go over important stuff before your tour. 

Be sure to read the other blog entries which will help you with packing, decorating, pro tips and other helpful information.  

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