We Are Excited About 2022

2020 sucked because Covid caused people to not want to go out and do tours until late that summer. We still had an okay fall then 2021 turned into a very busy year because the weddings that were cancelled in 2020 took place in 2021 and all the bachelorette parties did our tours since other activities were not happening. For 2022 we hope to have a record year! We always book up fast but now with 2 bikes operating at the same location we get a few 2 bike tours per week so that availability you see can be gone in 1 phone call. Covid caused us to change our pricing and it works out better for groups since you can now get the best rate for 10 guests and pay proportionally more if you have more than 10.  Being able to add people on later even right up until your tour is great for organizers unsure of who will be able to attend, test positive or flake out.

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