The Start Up Phase

Starting a new business and moving across the state to a new place required much back work to find out if Syracuse was ready for a second pedal tour business and the answer is YES! I spent 2 days walking all around downtown to map out the best routes to minimize hills and to make sure groups will get their “pedals worth on the bike” I came away super impressed by the architecture and have been reading up on the history of downtown Syracuse as well as the  buildings which our tour will pass. Thank god for Google and the Syracuse Public Library!  Being able to tell our bar tours about the architecture and history of the buildings we pass is one of my favorite things about doing the bar tours in Buffalo and Rochester.  All of the bar owners have been super receptive to becoming partner bars which offer our riders specials on food and drinks. With that being said groups get to pick where they want to go.  At the moment the photos on the website are from Rochester because I want groups to see some awesome decorating and all the smiles on peoples faces. As soon as tours start in Syracuse they will be replaced THAT DAY! I always tell people smiles don’t lie and when you look at the photos under the gallery you will see what a fun time groups have.  I look forward to taking you, your family/friends/co workers out this year!

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